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Mood Swings
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New Cuisine & New Menu Every Month

One Stop Shop, No Matter What You're Craving

 About Us 

At Mood Swings, we understand the daily struggle of not knowing what to eat when hunger strikes. That's why we offer a solution: every month, we showcase a different menu with a unique cuisine, ensuring that you'll find something to satisfy your cravings. Say goodbye to indecision, disagreements, and mood swings about food! Join us for an enjoyable experience of an endless array of delectable food and cocktails.

About Us


Mood Swings Food Hall is the brainchild of Taj Sohal, DC's Youngest Restauranteur, and the inspiration for this concept stemmed from an ongoing dilemma she had with her mother, Anju Gill, of never being able to agree on what the f*%# to eat!! She wanted to create a solution to this frequent argument and thus, Mood Swings Food Hall was born.


Taj Sohal at the age of 22, made history as DC's youngest restaurateur with the opening of Glassey, an Indian street food restaurant in April 2020, amidst the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her passion for the hospitality industry has only grown since then, and she aspires to continue sharing her passion for food & drinks with the world.

Who We Are

You in the Mood for Today?


We employ and have access to a large and diverse network of talented chefs, that make having a rotating menu possible!

As such we also would be delighted to accomodate any of your catering needs, from any kind of cuisine, such as Asian, Italian, Indian, Sandwiches, Cocktails and any kind of event, such as corporate lunches, weddings, birthdays.

You name it! We can do it!

Call us at 202-483-8286 and email us at for all your catering needs!

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